Let Kenobi save you time and money by taking the job off your hands.

As an IT manager, we bet that your day is filled with a thousand things to do. When it comes to sourcing new IT equipment, who has the time in their hectic day to scroll through endless stock, deal with new suppliers and figure out availability and delivery?

Researching and finding the best equipment and deals available can cost you valuable time and money that you probably don’t want or can’t afford to waste. Here at Kenobi, we can save you that time and money whilst we get the job done for you.

By working with an IT reseller like us, the administration time spent on this task is significantly reduced.  A good reseller should be able to get clear brief of what you’re looking for. We will do all the research and provide you with recommendations, as well as contacting manufacturers on your behalf and taking care of the delivery schedules for you. We will be able to save you from hours of research by answering your questions and steering you in the right direction.

We have many contacts within the industry, including a wide range of manufacturers. This means that we can explore many different options for you in order to source the products that fit your specifications.

By working with us here at Kenobi, our wide range of contacts will also benefit you in terms of cost negotiation. We willbe able to utilise our relationship with the manufacturers in order to get you the most reasonable price, meaning more money for you to reinvest back into your business.

Not only can you benefit from our relationships and interactions with manufacturers and suppliers, but from our experience and expertise in the industry. We may recommend products that you had not considered, introduce you to new ideas or suggest other solutions to maximise the benefits for you.

One of the main advantages of working alongside us is that essentially you are expanding your IT buying team, as we work with you to find the most cost-effective equipment. At Kenobi, we build a valuable relationship with you and your business specifically, therefore giving us the ability to proactively recommend products and solutions that will suit you best.

It’s a win, win all round, so the question is – why wouldn’t you use a reseller like us the next time you need new IT equipment?