Three months ago, the Kenobi Technology solutions family grew by two, as apprentices joined the team for the first time.

If starting your first ever full-time job isn’t daunting enough, try starting during a global pandemic with circumstances changing all the time. However, our amazing apprentices Sam and Grace have not only survived, but thrived throughout the first quarter of their apprenticeship.

We checked in with them to see how they were doing and what they’ve been up to in the past three months.


What have you enjoyed most so far?

“Getting closer and closer to a sale is so exciting and being asked for a quote makes me a bit giddy – makes it all become real. In general, I am enjoying the job for sure. I feel like a valued member of the team and that we’re in it together!” – Sam

“I’ve really enjoyed building relationships. Having a positive conversation with someone is so motivating, and makes me excited to email them and interact in future. Glen helps to motivate us by setting targets with incentives, which proves how we are adding value whilst we’re learning.” – Grace


What have you learnt so far/what skills do you think have improved most?

“I have definitely seen an improvement in my confidence. I feel like I know what I’m talking about and I can carry a conversation without nervously checking my notes all the time! I also have gotten to know some of the clients quite well now and built relationships with them, which I find a lot easier now than at the start.” – Sam

“I think I have become much more comfortable on the phone. At the start, if someone was a little short with me, I would panic and feel like it was my fault. Now I am much better at dealing with situations like that, and I know how to keep the conversation going a lot more because my knowledge of the industry and products has also improved so much.” – Grace


How does being in the office compare to working from home?

“At home, we had no mentor offering help over our shoulder, and if I didn’t know the answer I would have to ring Glen straight after I had rang the client. Having Glen and Grace in the office really helps as I can ask quick questions and get straight back on to my work.

Having said that, working from home did help me to think on my feet, and maybe has made me more independent earlier than I would’ve been.” – Sam

“Working from home was hard. There are distractions everywhere and it’s hard to stay as focussed. It knocked my confidence a little and made me feel like I wasn’t bringing much to the table.

I prefer being in the office definitely. The atmosphere makes it easier to work and there is more of a team feel. But I agree, it did make me more independent as I couldn’t turn to anyone else to make the final call for me, which is a good skill to have.” – Grace


Have you learnt anything about the industry or the job that has surprised you?

“I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be. You think you’ll speak to people and then boom jobs done. However, it is so true that the more work you put in the more you get out of it.” – Sam

“Before I started here, I didn’t know much about technology at all. I thought that everyone surely wanted or needed computers, so it should be a quick smooth process. Turns out that’s not always the case!” – Grace


What are you working towards/hoping to continue to improve or learn in your next three months? 

“Not getting anywhere call after call can be a big struggle. It can knock your confidence and you need thick skin. I’m becoming more resilient, but it’s still hard. I’m hoping that with time I will start to get interest from the majority of calls and emails, as I will have built up the relationship with the client. I still can’t wait for the day to make my first sale!” – Sam

“There’s so much to learn about the industry and the products, so I want to keep learning about as much as I can! I also hope I can see the sales process through and open my first account.” – Grace